What is Hypnobirthing? (Hint: it's not airy-fairy rubbish) 

A Powerfully Birthing Hypnobirthing course is a complete, in-depth antenatal programme and a way to prepare you for the best birth for you.


The course is built around science and what's actually happening in your body during birth. You will be armed with practical knowledge about the physiological processes that occur for you and your baby in each stage of birth. Hypnobirthing combines this knowledge with relaxation techniques to reframe the negative in your mind surrounding birth, helping you to stay calm and in control, letting your body do it's thing!


Hypnobirthing is in no way about one specific type of birth. It is for ALL births! You want the drugs? Totally! C-Section? Of course!


It is a toolbox of techniques to make sure you, and your birth partner, feel in control, calm and confident in any birth situation, no matter the birth you want. I will give you all the knowledge you need, and empower you to ask the right questions, to make sure you feel comfortable navigating your way to a positive, powerful outcome.


You will use the knowledge, information and techniques gained from this course to overcome fear, trust your instincts, your own body and your baby.