Course Content

Powerfully Birthing is a complete antenatal programme and is far more than simply learning relaxations and breathing techniques.


On the course, you will learn what happens to the mind, the body and your baby in the run up to, and during birth. Your birth partner will also become empowered to play a key part in the birth and not just an observer.

Prepping for the arrival of your baby doesn't just stop at birth! Courses also includes a set of videos to help you in the 4th trimester after baby arrives. This includes Baby Massage, Sling Wearing and a 'Starting Solids' introduction to weaning.

How it all works

In this session we discuss you, what you want to achieve and how the logic of hypnobirthing can help you. We delve into how the mind works and the basics of hypnotherapy and then move onto the physiological processes the body uses for birth (the science bit!)


This session is what most people think of first when they imagine hypnobirthing. Here we teach effective breathing techniques and visualisations to use in the run up to, and during labour. We also discuss different positions for baby in utero, how to apply hypnobirthing to caesarean births and how you can prepare your mind and body for the birth of your baby.

Before the birth

Section 3 is the ‘what if’ section. We discuss a range of topics that will help you feel in control during the last few weeks of your pregnancy and the very start of your birth experience. This section includes information on due dates and induction.

The Main Event

Here we talk through all your options and help you craft your birth preferences. We cover your choices when it comes to where you want to give birth and the care you will receive. We focus on each phase of labour so you know what to expect and help you make sure you have all the information you need to achieve the birth you want that leaves you feeling powerful.