Nikki & Kayne

"Thank you so much Lou! I would have been lost without you"

"After going through IVF for this little bub and dealing with covid restrictions and lock down I developed a crippling anxiety. My first child who's nearly 16 was a fast but uncontrolled birth that I felt helpless in. I didn't want that this time after all the hard work to just fall pregnant. I stumbled on an Instagram post and asked a question on it, the care and compassion from Lou was amazing, so I messaged and set up a taster session. I can be thankful to covid for one thing, finding powerfully birthing and Lou! I've managed to control my anxiety loads more, learning breathing techniques, there is so much science behind hypnobirthing, it's not all incense and chanting! I've learnt so much, read up on loads and have made so many informed decision thanks to this course! Adaptable birth plans, knowledge on what I can have, using my voice to have what I want but still understanding when to listen to advice.
This course hasn't just given me the information to prepare for a calm birth full of oxytocin and love , but it's also given me control of my anxiety and fear.
Thank you so much Lou! I would have been lost without you. Can't wait to share my birth story with you when little boy arrives."

Nicola & James

"This course was more informative, and personalised than other courses we have taken"

"Louise was extremely friendly and insightful from the beginning, through to the end of our course. She is very easy to talk to, and was able to answer all our questions. As a result of taking this course, we feel excited and prepared for what lies ahead. This course was more informative, and personalised than other courses we have taken; and we feel far more empowered and confident than we did previously.

It was especially helpful that we were able to do a course like this over video chat, whilst in the midst of a pandemic. We would highly recommend Powerfully Birthing for any expectant parents."


"After completing my course my whole outlook on birth completely changed! I’m actually looking forward to my labour!

Louise is honest, to the point and made me feel calm and prepared for any outcome. Can’t recommend her highly enough!"

- Chloe & Simon

Baby Wrapped in Blanket

"I booked onto a full online course with Louise after a free taster session, and I’m so pleased I did. I was nervous about giving birth in a pandemic and had been told I may need an induction. Lou made me realise that I had choices and was entitled to ask questions. My birth was amazing and it’s totally because of Lou. Book a course with her if you’re in any way nervous of giving birth!"

- Amy & Rob