Summer Stories - Pippa's Birth Story - Positive Elective C-Section

Pippa’s Birth Story - Positive Elective C-Section, Breech Baby

Pippa gave birth to her little boy via planned c-section at 39+1. Due to complications in the birth of her husband’s first baby, Pippa knew she wanted a c-section for their first baby together and was thoroughly prepared for it.

In Pippa’s words -

I knew that I wanted an elective c-section from the moment I fell pregnant. My husband’s first son’s birth had many complications and I pushed for a c-section from the outset. My little boy was also breech and showed no sign of changing his mind, maybe he knew what mummy had planned!

I signed up to hypnobirthing at 28 weeks and used the relaxation MP3’s and scripts to help me into a calm, positive mindset. I did all my research and knew exactly what would happen, from the spinal block, to the delivery, to the environment I wanted for the theatre. Knowing that I still had choices with a c-section was eye opening!

I had my section booked in for 2 days before my due date, but the little man decided he wanted to make his own plans and my waters broke on 39+1. I called the hospital immediately and was informed that the maternity unit wasn’t busy and they would book my c-section in for that day.

I listened to my relaxation MP3 in the car and my husband kept saying my 2 favourite affirmations to me as we drove. We arrived at the hospital 45 minutes later ready to go. Whilst I hadn’t planned for this actual day, I had planned for every step, I’d watched positive c-section birth videos, I’d got my earphones to listen to my relaxations and I was using upbreathing to ensure I stayed as relaxed as possible.

Arriving in theatre was a little more daunting than I thought it would be, with all the bright lights (they did follow my request and dim them) and there were lots of people, but I still felt in control. I kept repeating that I was ‘one step closer to meeting my baby’ and I started to feel excited. I hate needles so that was probably the only part of the process that made me anxious, and whilst it wasn’t enjoyable, I continued with upbreathing and it was manageable. Everything from there felt like a blur. My husband was right at the ‘action end’ filming my little boy emerging from my tummy and I’ll never forget our ‘Simba moment’ as he was shown to me over the curtain. He was finally here! I’d done it! I’d got the birth I wanted, he was healthy and I was so so proud of myself.

Using hypnobirthing to prepare for my c-section made a huge difference. I knew I was electing for major surgery but I knew it was right for us as a family. Everyone should lay out their preferences for a c-section in their birth plan just in case. I asked for dim lighting, a calm atmosphere, no loud talking and no-one to talk directly to me unless it was completely necessary, all of which helped me stay relaxed and calm. I am still amazed that I walked myself into surgery, and whilst not looking forward to the needle, I hopped onto the bed for my spinal. I know this is different as I elected for a c-section so I knew what was coming, in unplanned c-sections, many don't have that privilege, but with a plan in place and knowledge of what the procedure involves, even if it's not planned, all women can feel relaxed and positive.

I approached my birth calm, in control and empowered by the choices I made.

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