Summer Stories - My Birth Story - Positive Water Birth in MLU

My Birth Story - Positive Water Birth in MLU

I gave birth to Arya calmly in the water, after 36hrs of labour, in a dimly lit MLU delivery suite. My incredible midwife respected my birth plan completely, stayed behind her curtain for most of the time I was there, only emerging for routine checks with her mirror and to monitor me in the 2nd stage.

Hypnobirthing gave me the most incredible experience of my life and a new motivation to spread the word to as many women as possible to help them have the same positive experience of birth, no matter which direction their birth goes.

I went into labour at 7pm on the Thursday evening, my surges were irregular but I knew ‘this was it’ as they felt different from my Braxton hicks, I just knew. My husband and I had dinner, watched a movie and went to bed so I could try to rest. I didn’t manage to sleep so I went downstairs, hooked up my TENS machine, bounced on my ball and walked around my living room until the morning. I rang the hospital to check in, but I knew we were only just starting out as my surges were still irregular and varying in intensity. It continued like this for the next 14 hours. At around 9pm my surges were becoming more regular in intervals but still irregular in length so we called the hospital and they said they would check my progress if I wanted to go in. I consented and off we went, birth bags in tow.

I was 2cm dilated. I had a wobble. I was so disconcerted that I had been going for so long, just breathing (I gave up on the TENS after a few hours), and that I wasn’t further along. I started to panic and the pain/intensity got harder to handle. My midwife knew I was using hypnobirthing and reminded me to focus on all I had learnt. She sent me home and told me to go to bed, I thought she was mad, but I did what she said, refocussed, relaxed and my waters broke. The feeling of relief was incredible! It was from there that the surges became 3 in 10 minutes almost immediately and were at the peak of intensity. We called the hospital back and went straight in.

I consented to another vaginal examination and was told in 4 short hours I had reached 8cm! I was so happy and got straight into the pool. My husband set up the LED tea lights, my midwife shut all the curtains and helped set up my phone and bluetooth speaker to play the spa playlist I’d prepared. I accepted gas & air which was amazing and from then on, I can honestly say I enjoyed the whole experience. My husband kept reassuring me and kept me topped up with snacks and the midwife left us to it, staying behind her curtain the whole time except for routine checks with her mirror.

My transition was pure calm for me, everything stopped and I felt like I was falling asleep. Before I knew it though, I felt my body change and start to bear down. It was an incredible primal experience and I had no choice but to listen to my body. Even though I was keen to push as hard as I could, I continued to listen to my body and went with the pace it wanted. I could feel Arya rocking gently making her way down the birth canal and before I knew it, the midwife told me it was time! With one push her head was born. I had to wait a little while for the second surge to come, but when it did, her body was born and I scooped her out of the water onto my chest.

I have never felt so powerful in my entire life! It was incredible! The emotion I felt in that moment was beyond anything I had ever felt. It was pride, elation, love, victory, satisfaction, infatuation, everything! That experience changed my life, I knew every woman should have the chance to have a birth like that and that hypnobirthing was 100% responsible.

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