Summer Stories - Katie's Birth Story - Positive Unplanned C-Section

Katie’s Birth Story - Positive Unplanned C-Section

Katie is a first time mum who gave birth via unplanned C-Section at 41+2. Whilst her birth plan changed and a c-section was recommended, she made an informed decision for her and her baby and approached it calm and confident.

In Katie’s words -

My due date coincided with an appointment with my midwife, there were no signs of my little boy showing himself any time soon so I knew I would be discussing induction or at least a sweep. I had done my research and was ready with which way I wanted to go. I was right, I was offered a sweep there and then. I knew the risks were minimal from my course and reading, so I consented and went ahead. I got my show first thing the next morning and my surges started straight away! 2 days later, I was still having surges but they were so irregular I was told to stay at home.

After 2 days of surges and getting to 4cm dilated just using my up breathing, I was done. I was tired and whilst I was still calm, I knew deep down I needed a little help. I went into hospital where I used my B.R.A.I.N and decided to accept and induction. I was so proud that I continued to use my up breathing to get to 6cm, but after 8 hours of induction the progress was slow and my midwife suggested we look at a c-section. I was disappointed but so proud of myself that I had gone through days of labour just by using hypnobirthing techniques.

After talking with my husband and a consultant (& using my B.R.A.I.N again), we decided that a C-section would have the best result for me and the baby. Once I was in theatre, the surgeon found that my baby’s head was tilted & I would have never dilated any further.

Once born, Joe was laid on chest with my gown pulled down and I fell in love immediately. My husband got to watch him emerging and was the one to hand him to me, and this is a memory he and I will treasure forever.

I feel so empowered by my birth story and feel it was still so positive with me in complete control. All women should educate themselves in the run up to giving birth. It would have been so easy for me to panic and feel completely lost, but I knew what was going on, listened to my body and made the best decision for me, all thanks to hypnobirthing.

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