Summer Stories - Emilie's Birth Story - Positive Speedy Water Birth

Emilie’s Birth Story - Positive Speedy Water Birth

Emilie is a first time mum who gave birth to her little girl in the water at her local midwife led unit at 39+5. Whilst she got the water birth she planned for, things happened quickly. Even through the speedy increase in intensity and the fast progression of her labour, she remained positive, calm and focussed, knowing she was getting closer to meeting her baby.

In Emilie’s words -

I went into labour at 2am, I was sure it was Braxton hicks again, but I woke my husband just in case. I told him what was happening but to go back to sleep and I would wake him if I needed him. By 4am he was awake! I was using my upbreathing and using the Freya app to keep track and I could see that they were getting regular and reaching the 3 in 10 minutes measure I’d prepared for. They were also increasing in intensity pretty fast. I asked him to call the hospital and they advised that I go in immediately.

When arriving at hospital (5am by this point) I was still having regular surges and consented to a vaginal examination. I was told that I was already at 7cm (I must admit I was in complete awe of myself that I’d got that far with just breathing!) and I could get in the pool if I wanted. I absolutely jumped at the chance and it felt amazing! Well that, and the gas and air which I took full advantage of as every surge reached it’s peak.

In what seemed like only minutes (I drowned everything out, it was in fact another hour - it was 6:30am by this point) I could feel a huge sense of calm, like everything stopped. I knew this was me transitioning. I didn’t feel any panic, I knew what was next because of all the preparation I’d done. After 10 blissful minutes, I felt my body bear down and changed my breathing to my down breathing. I couldn’t believe that after only 4.5hrs I was so close to meeting my little girl! My husband had our favourite playlist on, was repeating my favourite affirmations to me and the room was dimly lit. I was ready.

I went with my body and pushed for another 30 minutes, and received her in the water at just after 7am and I only needed one stitch. It was a complete whirlwind 5 hours but one that made me feel like the most powerful, incredible woman on the planet! My husband was a little in shock I think at the speed, but I wasn’t, I knew we were ok, my body was doing it’s thing and my baby was just keen to meet me.

I thank Hypnobithing totally for my experience. Without the knowledge and the techniques, I think it would have been very likely that I would have panicked at how quickly everything progressed.

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