Is Hypnobirthing right for me?

Benefits of Hypnobirthing
Mother Breastfeeding Baby

For Mum

  • More confident, calm and relaxed during labour

  • Quicker recovery after birth

  • Potential for a shorter, less painful labour

  • Reduced risk of interventions and tearing

Young Dad

For Birth Partners

  • A feeling of confidence and involvement throughout pregnancy and birth, not just a side-lined observer

  • Empowerment to support and protect mum in labour

  • A stronger bond with mum and baby

Sleeping Baby

For Baby

  • A gentler transition to the outside world

  • Alert and ready to bond immediately

  • Benefits from the Golden Hour - including microbiome seeding, delayed cord clamping and skin to skin

Hypnobirthing is right for everyone and has many benefits not just for mum but for birth partners and babies too.


I believe that in order to feel powerful, you need to feel in control and knowledgeable. Knowledge is power!


Approaching any big life-changing event or decision, without any training, preparation or knowledge, would fill anyone with fear and anxiety, birth is no different. If we were to buy a house, run a marathon, apply for a new job, or even buy a new phone, we would do research and prepare, yet so many people approach birth with little or no preparation, leaving them feeling powerless.


In our minds, being prepared means being educated about what to expect, what your options are and what can happen in different scenario’s, and that knowing all of this can make a big difference to your individual experience.


Hypnobirthing can sound a little fluffy when you first discover it (I know it did to me!), however, whilst the relaxation and visualisations are grounded in hypnotherapy, there is no ‘going under’ or stage hypnosis here. It is a logical programme grounded in physiology and science that utilises proven hypnotherapy techniques to trigger deep relaxation during labour. On top of this, it is about becoming more informed, trusting your body & baby and learning how best to collaborate with members of the Midwifery and Obstetric professions to get the most out of the care they provide as and when you need it.


Many people also believe Hypnobirthing is a method of pain relief and is only successful if birthing at home in a birth pool. Whilst many do find that Hypnobirthing enables them to have shorter labours, with less interventions and many do result in deliveries in the water, Hypnobirthing is a toolkit to use in any birth scenario and works for everyone. It will work for you, no matter how, or where, you choose to have your baby.


To find out more, please contact me for a free taster session where we can discuss the course in more detail, discuss your personal needs & positive birth aspirations and delve into the world of hypnobirthing, birth preparation and your pregnancy.