Will I be hypnotised?

Hypnobirthing is nothing like the staged hypnosis that TV shows make popular. You will learn relaxation and positive reframing techniques that, with practise, will release the negative associations you have about labour and birth that inhibit your body from working effectively 


Does it actually work?

Hypnobirthing is like gravity. It always works but works for different people in different ways. Birth is an entirely individual experience and no matter which path your birth takes, you will feel in control, calm and empowered.


When should I do the course?

There are no firm rules around when you should take our hypnobirthing course and it's certainly never too late. I suggest starting anytime from 26-32 weeks but this always varies and I'm happy to talk through what you feel is best for you.


Can my partner do it with me?

Absolutely! Hypnobirthing is most successful when mum and birth partner learn, practice together and both feel at ease with what's to come. Your birth partner will be your support and your guardian, a true partner in the experience.