About Me

My name’s Louise and I’m the founder of Powerfully Birthing. 


I set up Powerfully Birthing to help women like me (sceptical, independent boss babes petrified of giving birth!) achieve the best possible birth for them. Hypnobirthing works in all forms of labour, whether it be in the water, or with medical intervention, or a caesarean delivery. It is about feeling calm and relaxed in any eventuality and empowering both you and your birth partner to make your own choices and look back on the experience feeling powerful and in control.

My Hypnobirthing Journey

My hypnobirthing journey began with the birth of our little girl Arya. Having always been petrified of the idea of giving birth, thanks to many (many!) negative birth stories and the media’s portrayal of labour embedding themselves into my subconscious, I never thought I’d be able to actually go through with it and have a baby. Then a friend told me her hypnobirthing story, the only positive one I’d ever heard, and she was visibly glowing at the memory of her experience. I knew I had to find out more as I was finding the dream of becoming a mother harder to ignore and was determined to overcome my paralysing fear.


I’m a born cynic and originally very sceptical that it could work for me. Having had a career in Marketing leadership positions, in mostly male environments, I’d learnt to approach all situations with a logical, practical hat on, and the thought of relinquishing control to any sort of ‘hypnotherapy’ wasn’t something that came naturally. I signed up for a course anyway and soon learned that hypnobirthing is actually based in science and physiology…logic! From this realisation I was hooked and did all I could to practice, read and to learn exactly what I could do to make sure my body and mind were uninhibited, to let the muscles and hormones required for effective labour take over to birth my baby.


My husband was fully involved in the whole process and got on board with the programme from the start. He was determined to be involved, to support and protect me as we bought our baby into the world, not just to stand on the side lines as a passive observer. Through this, his bond with our little girl was immediate and our connection has never been stronger.


Arya was born in the water, peacefully in a dimly lit MLU suite, and whilst I was tired, I felt incredible. I have never felt more confident and powerful in my life. I knew that this was the way birth was meant to be and I needed to help women to feel exactly as I did in that moment and the days after. Still to this day, the birth of my daughter was the most incredible and empowering experience of my life.