Antenatal hypnobirthing built around the science of birth & the power of your body

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Powerfully Birthing is driven by a belief that everyone should feel powerful bringing their baby into the world

Fuelled by a deep passion to empower birthing people, and their birth partners, to feel calm, confident and in control when it comes to their pregnancy and birth.


It's all about helping you achieve YOUR birth, YOUR way!


Why Powerfully Birthing?

Most of the time, all we hear about are horror stories surrounding birth. We all have a friend/colleague/friend of a friend who had a 'terrible' birth and it sticks in our mind. Everything we've been told, watched, seen or heard about birth makes it sound horrendous, meaning that one of the most special times in our lives often becomes spiked with fear and anxiety. 

Hypnobirthing exists to change that! It will show you that positive births are not just possible, but common! And not only that, you'll feel like a powerful goddess afterwards too!


To give you the tools to feel powerful, I teach a bespoke, no fluff Antenatal Hypnobirthing course based in science and fact, no hippy BS here! I originally trained with KGHypnobirthing and have since completed further training with The Birth Uprising Academy.


This complete antenatal programme is designed to empower you to have your birth, your way! I give you the information, techniques and confidence to achieve the birth that's right for you, in any scenario.

You've got this! xx

Courses Tailored to You

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A full antenatal programme taught in the privacy of your own home in person or online


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